Are We Free?

Our actions are a consequence of what society expects from us. Our deeds are the outcome of responsibilities we shoulder unwillingly. Our thoughts are fodder provided by those who preach. Our views are clouded by the mundane. Our judgments are shrouded in prejudice. How then, I ask, are we free?

2 thoughts on “Are We Free?

  1. Ofcourse we are free if we choose to be.Put your own dreams above the expectations of the societ,your conscience above the socially made responsibilities,be your own teacher,dare to think beyond the mundane..shall help to breakfree

    • I’d like to contradict that. It can be debated that even the choices we make aren’t completely free. We are conditioned by the world we live in. Even if we try to break through the societal boundaries, there are restrictions within our own minds. We have a conscience, ego and pride which all restrict us as well. So are we really free when there are boundaries within our own minds?

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