Hashtags and TV Shows

There’s an interesting case study on data-driven production decisions that companies like Amazon and Netflix make. It goes on to talk about how the two used data to produce TV shows on the same concept – US Senators. One worked (House of Cards, Netflix) the other didn’t (Alpha House, Prime).

Wonder what kind of data and insights drove them both to produce shows for the Indian market on a similar topic – an Indian spy working to prevent something “bigger than 26/11” from happening. Both shows – Bard of Blood (Netflix) and The Family Man (Prime) – address pretty much all the socio-political issues that have dominated public debate and dictated polity in the recent past – including a debate around Hindi being the national language (The Family Man).

While one is based on a 2015 book, both give you the sense that the writers were working with a list of popular and trending keywords and hashtags from Twitter over the last 12 months. Pakistan. Balochistan. Beef. You get the point… And despite the scant regard for finer cinematic details and production values, both manage to provoke the viewer, which I guess is the whole point of content – and social media – in this day and age. This time however, Prime gets it right with The Family Man.

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