Don’t Be Evil

The last few weeks have been tumultuous, from dealing with the loss of a loved one to the climbing pressure at work. And it’s taken a toll on me, to the point where it’s coming out on the people around me. And I realized this last night, after an episode involving a delivery executive for some ice-cream we’d ordered. I’m generally impatient when it comes to things like these, but I crossed a line with the way I spoke to him. I was annoyed that I had to repeat the same set of instructions multiple times, and I was extremely rude. When he turned up at my apartment, I realized he had a disability which prevented him from speaking properly. He was probably as old as my cousin, who was with me in the apartment. My heart broke, and I was extremely ashamed with the way I’d spoken to him. While I tipped him well, the entire episode was a much-needed reminder that everyone’s fighting a battle that I know nothing about, and it was important to be kind and polite. Whoever you are and wherever you are, I’m sorry.

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