Three Ways to Decide What to Read Next!

Ruki and I don’t agree on a lot of things, and one of my peculiarities that annoys the crap out of her is this weird logic that any good fiction book is not to be read, for at some point, someone’s going to make a movie or a TV show out of it. I couldn’t help but smirk to myself, thinking about the number of arguments and debates we’ve had on this, as I go about writing this post. In the aftermath of this video that I created at the end of last year (my #somethingnew for 2020), a lot of people asked me how I chose my reading list. This seemingly innocuous question often stumps a lot of bibliophiles; of course, one can’t be expected to read everything out there… So how do I go about deciding what to read?

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The Story of More: An Addendum

Update: I’ve created and appended a second infographic inspired by Hope Jahren’s content on electricity from the book, The Story of More. Hope you like this! Click on Read More to view the full post 🙂

As I was reading Hope Jahren’s The Story of More, I couldn’t help but wonder if the enormity of what she was attempting to convey was lost, simply because her content was devoid of visual elements such as charts, graphs, and infographics. I often found myself going back several pages and chapters to connect the dots and grasp the picture she paints. I wondered if there was a better way to summarize what she was trying to say… I created the following infographic as a ready-reckoner and a reminder of some of the key points from her chapters on food. Strictly amateurish, but something new! Continue reading

The Story of More: A Short Book Review

I live in a constant state of fear: that I should never have less. Everything that I do, including my ambition and my drive is reflective of this fear. There have been times when I’ve stopped to ask myself: how much is enough? At what point am I going to say that I don’t need more? The latest iPhone, the newest PlayStation, the fancy watch… I’m a hedonist, anchored by an extremely pessimistic and misanthropic view of mankind. My outlook towards life is a capitalist’s wet dream. The bitter truth is that I don’t need more. That I have enough and I belong to the top 10% of the country that owns 77% of its wealth. Continue reading

The Midnight Library: A Short Book Review

In the movie, ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ Ben Stiller’s character is stuck in a mundane existence and often day-dreams to break the monotony and enter a life that could have been. It’s an unconventional favorite but it is the kind of movie that leaves you warm and fuzzy, just like Matt Haig’s book, The Midnight Library. Continue reading