The Story of More: A Short Book Review

I live in a constant state of fear: that I should never have less. Everything that I do, including my ambition and my drive is reflective of this fear. There have been times when I’ve stopped to ask myself: how much is enough? At what point am I going to say that I don’t need more? The latest iPhone, the newest PlayStation, the fancy watch… I’m a hedonist, anchored by an extremely pessimistic and misanthropic view of mankind. My outlook towards life is a capitalist’s wet dream. The bitter truth is that I don’t need more. That I have enough and I belong to the top 10% of the country that owns 77% of its wealth. Continue reading

The Midnight Library: A Short Book Review

In the movie, ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ Ben Stiller’s character is stuck in a mundane existence and often day-dreams to break the monotony and enter a life that could have been. It’s an unconventional favorite but it is the kind of movie that leaves you warm and fuzzy, just like Matt Haig’s book, The Midnight Library. Continue reading

Humankind: A Short Book Review

It’s a strange coincidence that the latest episode of Bigg Boss is playing on the TV as I struggle to put my thoughts in place for this review. The show derives its entertainment value from behaviors that the contestants exhibit when they’re put in situations manufactured to elicit extreme reactions. It is built on the premise that the right combination of circumstances manages to bring out the worst in us – our inherently wicked nature, which is a more accurate representation of who we really are. Continue reading

Lost Connections: A Short Book Review

I must confess something at the outset: this is the longest I have taken to finish a book this year. And it’s not on account of its verbosity or the complexity of its content, but because of its provocative nature. Johann Hari’s Lost Connections is an important read. It attempts to draw a comprehensive picture of the various aspects of anxiety and depression as they are viewed today, without resorting to esoteric language, medical jargon or indulging in pain porn. Continue reading