A Smiling Usher, Some Popcorn, and a Movie

Over the weekend, I discovered a “new” single-screen theater in Lower Parel; it used to be a dilapidated building sitting at the edge of the intersection of Pandurang Budhkar Marg and N. M. Joshi Road. Deepak Talkies, which now houses the auspices of the Matterden Center for Films and Creation, underwent a transformation early this year and screens art cinema and classics that pander to the tastes of movie-buffs across the city. I bought tickets for a late-evening screening of Gone Girl and was pleasantly surprised to see the usher – and I should add here that he didn’t look like one – standing at the entrance, warmly greeting patrons as they made their way inside. Continue reading

The Magic of Movies!

I’d written this eons ago, and I’m posting this here only for posterity! It’s a hat-tip to the romanticism of the 90s and early 2000s of the Indian film industry 🙂

The magic of movies is this inexplicable belief that the world in those reels is not so different from the real one. That there is song and dance in every moment and every stage of the journey of life. That there is love to be found. And lost. And found again. And that there will be a violin or a piano playing in the background when it is found. That the first step to falling in love is friendship. That shooting stars are lucky. And that the universe indeed conspires to help you achieve something you truly want. The magic of movies exists for those who believe in it, and it is this magic that will teach you to break into a dance in the middle of the street or sing a song in a crowded local. It is this magic that will teach you to laugh, live, smile, and sail through life knowing that there is a ‘happys endings’ at the end of this movie called life.